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Natural Color Diamonds

Natural Color Diamonds

The beautiful pink, yellow and blue diamonds used by Alan Friedman Jewelry are among the rarest of all gemstones. Roughly 62 Million carats of diamonds are produced worldwide annually. Of this, only 29 Throusand are natural color diamonds, and even a smaller amount is actually suitable for jewelry. From this small supply, Alan Friedman personally chooses only the very best natural color diamonds.

We have been working with natural color diamonds for more than 25 years, recognizing their allure long before most people even heard of them. This experience, particularly with pink diamonds from Argyle mines in Australia, has earned Alan Friedman Company a reputation throughout the industry as an authority of precious gems.

The term "natural" is important for potential jewelry purchases to note. This means that the diamond has simplyt been cut and polished, and is the same color as when it was mined. This distinction is important, as diamonds can be treated with radiation or other methods to enhance their color. We do no use treated diamonds in any of our jewelry.

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